Fortune's Wing (First Edition)

published in 2009

Price: $3.00 USD each, $1 USD for shipping


Valentine (First Edition)

published in 2010

Price: $3.00 USD each, $1 USD for shipping


Our Lady of Righteous Rage (First Edition)

published in 2015

Price: $3.00 USD each, $1 for shipping


The Woolaston Entertainment Store

Welcome to the online store! I only have 3 items currently available, but I will add to my inventory over the next few months!

Inventory is currently being replenished. If there is a title you are interested in, please contact Nicole via the Contact Page. 

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You can order copies directly from W.E. via Paypal. Copies are $3 each, and a $1 fee for shipping. If you have any questions, or if you would like your books to be signed,  please use the form on the Contact Page of this site. Refund policy: unfortunately, there are no refunds for these books; they are final sale. Each copy is inspected before it is shipped, to ensure you will not receive a damaged copy. Please allow at least 7 business days for order fulfillment.