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Illustrations, books covers, and the like...

Over the years, I've created a variety of pieces. Some are still life, some are sketches of animals, and others are simply abstract. I've been drawing since first grade, and I'd like to think my skills have improved with each passing year. I like to use different materials, such as ink, chalk, charcoal and pencil. I have also used some obscure materials, such as cotton and eye shadow. Yes, I said eye shadow. For example, the clouds on the cover of Fortune's Wing: Second Flight, are made of cotton balls that I stretched out.   The background colors on most of my covers, were created with eye shadow, which I smudged onto the paper. The brown coloring in the background of the cover image of Fortune's Wing is an example.

I'm not very good at drawing people, but I do try. One of my best human sketches is a pencil drawing of Nicolas Cage. The charcoal sketch of Kurt Cobain isn't too bad, either. There's also a black and white painting of James Franco, and the Winter Soldier. I'm still working on my craft. Practice makes perfect, right?

I went through a serious Anime phase, and drew a lot of anime characters (I still do from time to time). Anime and manga have had a heavy influence on most of my work.

Photography became a hobby of mine around 2011. I'm not great at it, but every now and then, something will catch me eye. I'm drawn to lines of movement, and really good lighting. For example, there's a picture here, of the headstock of my Epiphone Les Paul, Billie Joe. The lighting was just right, so I snapped a picture.

As long as I am a self-published author, I will continue to create my own cover designs in order to maintain as much creative control over my work as possible.

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