June Parris's Books

​Price: $5.00 ($1 savings on both books)

​Shipping Fee: $1.50

​Amazon Price for 2 books: $9.00

                   Novocaine                                            Another Shot of Novocaine                            Dee Seybrook: Rock N' Roll Diva                                              Biologicals

            Price: $5.50 each                                                 Price: $4.50 each                                                     Price: $4.50 each                                                       Price: $4.50 each

      Amazon Price: $6.99 each                          Amazon Price: $5.99 each                                   Amazon Price: $5.99 each                                   Amazon Price: $5.99 each 

The Kindness of Strangers                 A Rose Left Behind

       Price: $3.00 each                               Price: $3.00 each                                         Amazon Price: $4.50 each

Fortune's Wing                      Fortune's Wing: Second Flight           Fortune's Wing: Flies Again

Price$4.50 each                                   Price: $4.50 each                                  Price: $4.50 each

                                                            Amazon Price: $5.99 each


Get Both Novocaine Books Together!

​Price: $6.00 ($3.00 savings for 2 books)

​Shipping Fee: $2.00

Amazon Price for 2 books: $12.98

Valentine Books 1-5
​Price: $20.00 ($5.00 savings on all 5 books)

Shipping Fee: $2.00

​Amazon Price for all 5: $32.50

    Allan & Mac (VA #1)                                Her Name is Lola Vencent (VA #2)                          Jo Fuentes: The Black Queen (VA #3)                  Young Kelly McCormick (VA #4)

       Price: $4.50 each                                                      Price: $4.50 each                                                              Price: $4.50 each                                                     Price: $4.50 each

                                                                                                                                       Amazon Price: $5.00 each

Punk and Whiskers

Price: $4.50 each

Amazon Price $5.99

You can order copies directly from W.E. via Paypal. Copies are priced below, plus a $1 fee for shipping (shipping fees for bundles are higher,and  listed below). All prices are in US Dollars.  If you have any questions, or if you would like your books to be signed,  please use the form on the Contact Page of this site. Refund policy: unfortunately, there are no refunds for these books; they are final sale. Each copy is inspected before it is shipped, to ensure you will not receive a damaged copy. Please allow at least 7-10 business days for order fulfillment. 


OLORR: Extended and Uncensored                    Your Fame Will Destroy You                                                       Rowdy                                                                         Righteous

            Price: $9.00 each                                                     Price: $7.00 each                                                          Price: $7.00 each                                                       Price: $8.00 each

      Amazon Price: $13.99 each                               Amazon Price: $8.99 each                                       Amazon Price: $8.99 each                                   Amazon Price: $11.99 each 

Our Lady or Righteous Rage (First Edition)

​                         Price: 8.00 each

              Amazon Price: $11.99 each

Books For Books Campaign

Now thru the end of March, for every book sold thru this website, I will donate a copy to a library or organization in need!


Fortune's Wing Books 1,2 &3

​Price: $10.00 ($3.50 savings on all 3 books)

​Shipping Fee: $2.00

Amazon price for all 3: $17.97

The Witch of Fulton Lane

Price: $5.00

​Amazon Price: $6.50

The Woolaston Entertainment Store

Welcome to the online store! This is the relaunch! Titles are available in paperback form, and prices are listed below each title. You can also save a few bucks and order a bundle, which will include multiple titles from a series, sold together at one discount price!  Please note your info will only be used to ship your order and contact you with updates concerning your order. 

Would you like any of your books signed? Please fill out the contact form below, and I will sign your book for you!

                         Valentine                               Valentine 2: The Patron Saint         Valentine 3: Queen of Hearts          Valentine 4: Past and Present      Valentine 5: The  Queen's Fold

           Price: $5.00 each                                   Price: $5.00 each                                     Price: $5.00 each                                Price: $5.00 each                               Price: $5.00 each     

                                                                                                                                                  Amazon Price: $6.50 each       


4 Our Lady Books Together!

​Price: $25.00 ($6.00 savings for 4 books)

​Shipping Fee: $3.00

Amazon Price for 4 books: $43.96


Valentine Apart Books 1-4

Price: $15.00 ($3.00 savings on all 4 books)

Shipping Fee: $2.00

​Amazon Price for all 4: $23.96